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How Does Geo-Targeting Technology Work?
Every computer on the internet is assigned a unique IP address (Internet Protocol Address) by their internet service provider (ISP). An IP Address provides location information of a computer such as country, region, and city. An IP address is much like a mailing address but for your home computer. Everyone has a unique address and it allows other computers to know where you or your ISP is in the world.


To find your IP address and location, CLICK HERE.


Geo-targeting technology determines the IP Address of a web visitor and delivers targeted content to that visitor based on their location. Thus, you may target which zip codes you wish to receive web traffic from!


Affordable and Smart

For as little as $49.95 per month, geo-targeting technology gives every local business an opportunity to reach more targeted customers in their neighborhood.

Call today and put this new technology to work for you!






Geo-Targeting Technology

Today’s economics are creating a new online economy!


More than 63% of all internet users are searching online for local businesses and services. (comScore Networks)


Regardless of the size of your business, you need online visibility.


Until now, the cost has been prohibitive for small businesses to get top search engine placements on their own – both in hard costs and man-hours lost. We are able to get our clients internet search engine exposure that would be extremely difficult – and very time-consuming - for them to achieve on their own.



From home-based business, to small company, to large corporation, every business can now have a true internet presence. Geo-Targeting levels the playing field!