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When our computer is "acting up," we call Salem Computer Doctors for a House Call. Gary is always prompt,
professional, and very helpful in solving our computer problems. He has a vast knowledge of knowing 
exactly how these things work! He is polite, kind, and patient like a master teacher, and shares his knowledge
as he solves our computer glitches.  He has always been able to, very quickly, cure our frustrations by going 
directly to the source of the problem, and his fees are very reasonable.  What more can you ask? 
Thank you, Gary!  
Sandy and Joanne Barbour

"I want to express my appreciation for the prompt, efficient and reasonably-priced service that you gave me in repairing my computer. You certainly abide by your slogan: “Easy To Do Business With.” I will be most happy to recommend your services. Thanks again and I enjoyed meeting you."
Richard F. Wright Roanoke

"When my computer needed a repair recently, I called Gary on my son's recommendation and was surprised to learn that he would come to my house to do the necessary repairs.  He was really interested in fixing my problem, and stuck with it until it was fixed.  The biggest surprise, however, came at payment time. It is very obvious that his main interest is to make sure the computer is repaired properly, and not charge 3 times as much as he should. It is also obvious that he is very knowledgeable about computers.
I would recommend his services to anyone."
Ruby Cockran

"Thanks for the excellent job you did fixing my computer. It was really dragging, and I dreaded the thought of having to unplug everything and drag it to a repair shop. I was relieved to find that you made house calls without charging exorbitant rates. I was impressed with the fact that you came over promptly, took your time to fix it properly, and answered my questions. It hasn’t run this good since the day I bought it! Price was right, too. I guess you don’t have a fleet of VW's to pay for, huh?
Please feel free to use me as a reference for your superlative services.
My highest recommendation!"
Richard Jennings

“You saved my sanity (and my emails)!!!
I can't thank you enough for coming to my aid when I was about to take this computer and toss it out of the window. With one call you were at my door. What seemed to me to be a problem too large to tackle, you very efficiently and confidently worked to the source. Within a short span of time you had me up and running. You not only restored my computer, you restored my comfort to use this high tech device. I appreciate your prompt arrival, and also putting the information that you had to relay in layman's terms. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, skill, and kindness in my hour of need. I'll make sure that your business card finds it's way to other needy clients like myself. 
Barbara Cummings

"Thank you so much, Gary, for the great job. My computer doubled in speed immediately after you worked on it via remote. I love it, and I really enjoyed our chat while you were doing the job.
I recommend you to everyone.
God bless."
Allen Garrett
Vero Beach, Florida

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the results of the "Tune-Up" you did on my computer. It had been running slow and acting funny for some time. Now, it loads programs rapidly, and no more strange things going on. I'm particularly impressed with the time you spent helping me.
I eagerly recommend your service to all my friends. Thanks."
Darryl Hurd

"I am a very satisfied customer.  Gary is very dependable, thorough, and determined that his customers are 100% satisfied.  No matter what the challenge, he will find a cure for your computer."
Bonnie Crotts

"Thanks for the "tune-up" you performed on my computer. The improved speed is great! I enjoyed talking with you and appreciate your fair pricing for your work. I will be happy to recommend your services!"
Al Thomas

"I am very pleased with your work, Gary! Thanks for all you have done with my son's computer. I recommend you to anyone! Thank you very much!"

Mike Clyburn